England v Ukraine [20:45]

Fodboldens moderland skal have afgjort deres EM-skæbne mod værtsnationen Ukraine. Igen, fristes man til at sige, for det stjernespækkede engelske mandskab har i mange år – på trods af navne som Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young – haft svært ved at leve op til de store forventninger. Ukrainerne har et stærkt kollektiv med en solid defensiv, og samtidig kan angribere som Andriy Yarmolenko, Yevhen Seleznyov og den gamle målræv Andriy Shevchenko gøre livet surt for alle forsvar.

EMFODBOLD.DK kommentator: Sam Brox.

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Foto: Ukrainske fans i Chicago.


  1. Nice one for the warm up, Ronster!

    Good evening and welcome to the final round of group games of Euro 2012. Ukraine versus England, then. The weight of a nation rests on the freckled shoulders of Mr. Wayne Rooney, who is back in the starting line-up for En-ger-lund after serving his two-match ban. The hosts will be looking to find inspiration from somewhere other than old boy Shevchenko, as he’s out of their starting eleven. Ho hum.

    Here’s the national anthem, to get you in the mood :

    1. he he nice start. It fits my expectations for the night – your aggressive ranting whenever things don’t go England’s way 😉

    1. Ja 2-0 lyder rigtigt i mine ører. Sam er blevet lukket ude lige nu af sin egen kommentator-tjans fordi han skrev F-ordet ha ha ha

  2. To tell you the truth, I really wasn’t bothered about Euro 2012 until the France v England game, and even then I was only watching out of the corner of my eye. Maybe it had something to do with the media building the hype before the 2010 World Cup, resulting in sights like this all over England:
    …only for the national team to so woefully underperform that people were talking of curses and witchcraft!
    I was sat in a café and overheard three English fathers explaining the cover of Time Magazine to one of their sons :

    “It’s because we’re in a group with some fairly good teams, and we might not win all our games.”
    Might not win? ALL our games? When are we English going to realize that our national team hasn’t had a chance of winning all our games since 1966 for f***’s sake!!!

    *this post has been censored


  4. Alright then, both teams on the pitch. Rooney looks as dashing as he ever will. The Ukrainiacs look serious and up for it. COME ON!!!

    1. as dashing as he ever will…. poor fellow

      (slightly impressed with his hair transplant though)

      1. Hahaha, yeah, that porker ate far too many pies. Can’t believe Leeds bought him.

        I’m told it was actually GARMASH who shot. I’ll remember that.

  5. Rooney SHITE so far. Looking well rusty. Him losing the ball giving Ukraine yet another break which led to a long shot, again off target. Fucking come on, England!!!

  6. Would’ve thought the attacking trio of Rooney-Welbeck-Young would produce more than this, as they play together every day at Man U. Dunno why Milner’s on, though

  7. Fuck – Fuck – Fuck – Fuck – Fuck – Fuck – Fuck – Fuck – Fuck – Fuck – Fuck – Fuck
    …guess I can swear!?

  8. Ashley ‘nice guy’ Cole averts yet another dangerous foray by the Ukrainians. Anyone see his ex-missus at the Queen’s jubilee concert? Shocking

    Rooney narrowly missing the header, the keeper gets fingers to it without really knowing anything about it.
    Ukraine break after England’s resulting corner ending up in no man’s land…

  10. The biggest mystery to me is why England is so fucking bad – I mean, the material is prime!?!

  11. 26 mins…
    A nice build up by England comes to nothing once it falls to Milner…

    ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH! Rooney puts a free header wide!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!?!?

  12. 35 mins
    England happy to let Ukraine come at them. Ukraine resorting to shooting long. Boooooooring! What’s happening in the other game?

  13. 40 mins
    Parker shoots wide after a nice through ball from Young to Rooney out on the left.
    Ukraine have it in England’s half and are content to stroke it around, waiting for an opening

  14. And there it was! Fucking unbelievable that Yarmolenko gets to waltz through the defense in the 18-yard box! Lescott gets a toe in in time (42 mins)

  15. Half time. Ukraine have been all over England, who seem to be using the same tactics they used against France in the first game. On this evidence, they deserve to go through

  16. I’m watching this match on Setanta with punditry by Dennis Wise and Gary Mcalister!?!
    I wonder what pearls of wisdom they’re going to come out with?

      1. I thought so too!
        I’m having to watch on a dodgey Internet stream as its actually better quality than ITV’s iplayer!

  17. To cheer you all up and remind you of why you love that the English love football so much, here are some videos dedicated to all the hard-working English footballers that will do anything for their £100K-a-week :

      1. For those that don’t know, Glenn & Chris are Glenn Hoddle (ex England manager) and Chris Waddle (who blasted over the bar in the penalty shoot out in Italia 90)

  18. Second half is on….
    No changes, as far as I can see. Correct me if I’m wrong. I was too busy staring at Glenn Hoddle’s mullet in that video

  19. Gerrard nicely past the full-back on the wing after a corner went bad, crosses to the near post, keeper inexplicably drops it, Wayne FUCKING Rooney at the far post!!!!

    1-0 En-Ger-Lund!!!!!!

    Nice one. Back to the mullet…

  20. Ukraine still looking dangerous, despite falling behind to that calamity of a goal (from their point of view, of course). Joe Hart called in to action twice in the few minutes since Rooney’s opener

  21. Sickens me to say it, but the scouse boy Gerrard is the only one in the England squad earning a wage tonight.

    Here’re some more scousers that made a bit of money (instead of stealing it):

  22. Why do the crowds in Poland and Ukraine insist on singing the riff from 7 nation army? I think I preferred the vuvuzelas…

      1. Agree- Never judge a player on his national games. Bendtner is a poor player for Arsenal/Sunderland

  23. Is it just me or is there an uncanny resemblence between Rooney (new hat and all) and Gascoigne?

  24. MASSIVE chance to Milevskiy! Free header right in front of Hart. Luckily for him, it really was right at him. I like these Ukrainians

      1. I think the rules of the game state that all of John Terry has to have crossed the line…

  25. Ukraine close again, Joe Hart with a reaction save. (72 mins)
    Rakitskiy booked for a professional foul on Gerrard as England break

  26. England may be winning, but it’s a new low for British internet broadcasting as I can’t even find a legal stream of the game that’s working and am having to watch the match on an iPhone propped up by a glasses case!

      1. It is unfortunately, I’d rather watch it in Russian that have to listen to Adrian Childes and Gareth Southgate…

    1. It is a bit late this remark but – Rooney might score the winner but overall a poor performance from wanking Wayne- Why didn’t Ronney make it 2-0 – because he is 25 and just realized he is a fat bastard. Wallcott would have been 20 yards clear on Gerrard’s magnificent pass 20 minutes Wælker…

  27. Agreed. Unfortunately, the English papers and public will be raving about how now we’re going to ‘tater the Spanish/Italians in the quarters, even though we’ve been piss poor

    1. It is a bit late This remark but – Why didn’t Ronney Make it 2-0 – because he is 25 and just realized he is a fat bastard. Wallcott would have been 20 yards clear on Gerrard’s magnificent pass…

  28. Thanks all for participating in my first (and probably last haha) live blog. It’s been fun! Hope you enjoyed it too.
    Signing off with best ever England song :

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